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Locating an apartment or homes for rent in Poplar Bluff or local surrounding areas, can be done easily by using the search features and links. Use the top search boxes or left side links to find other area house leases or other Poplar Bluff property types. Rents will vary according to size and location.

With people constantly moving for reasons such as job location, its more beneficial for some to rent rather than purchase a home. Many renters are looking for fully or partly furnished rentals to avoid the associated costs and problems associated with moving all their household goods as required. Furnished rentals are generally more expensive but costs are offset by reducing moving expense.

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Poplar Bluff, Missouri, residential housing Dudley (Stoddard), Greenville (Wayne), Whiteoak (Dunklin), Fisk (Butler), Mill Spring, Puxico, Farley (Platte), Grain Valley (Jackson), Qulin, Wappapello, Hardin (Ray), Mayview (Lafayette), Kearney (Clay), Orrick, Lone Jack

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Poplar Bluff apartment complexes include:

Dover House, Bartlett St : Concord House, Bartlett St : Burke House, Bartlett St : Twin Towers, Hazel St

Poplar Bluff Schools:

Senior High School, Victory Ln : Mark Twain School, N Main St

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Cedar St : Cherry St : Davis St : Pershing St : Spring St : Stella St : Tremont St : Valley Ave : N Main St : W Harper St

Poplar Bluff street names include:

Physicians Park : E Midland St : High St : Winchester Dr : Karmen Ln : County Road 537 : Grand Ave : Sunny Valley Ln : N 8th St : Cedar St : Cherry St : Davis St : Pershing St : Spring St : Stella St : Tremont St : Riverwalk Ln : Valley Ave : N 13th St : N Main St : W Harper St : W Pine St : Abington St : Apple St : Benton St : Carrolton Ln : Burrough St : S Broadway St : Elaine Ave : W Maud St : N 2nd St : Shadow Rock Lake Rd : Harrier Dr : Kanell Blvd : County Road 484

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