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, 2 Bedroom  455 3rd Avenue
For Rent
For Rent
2 Bedroom 455 3rd Avenue / Fairbanks USA
Prop TypeApartment Beds2 Baths Half Baths Price
, 1 Bedroom 455 3rd Avenue
For Rent
For Rent
1 Bedroom 455 3rd Avenue / Fairbanks USA
Prop TypeApartment Beds1 Baths Half Baths Price
, 1 bedroom 455 3rd Avenue
For Rent
For Rent
1 bedroom 455 3rd Avenue / Fairbanks USA
Prop TypeApartment Beds1 Baths Half Baths Price
, 455  3rd Ave
For Rent
For Rent
455 3rd Ave / Fairbanks USA
Prop TypeApartment Beds0 Baths Half Baths Price
, Studio 455 3rd Avenue
For Rent
For Rent
Studio 455 3rd Avenue / Fairbanks USA
Prop TypeApartment Beds0 Baths Half Baths Price

Real Estate - Apartments to rent in Fairbanks

Homes for rent in Fairbanks that represent good value are very often snapped up fast in a competitive market. Finding the right Fairbanks house or apartment can require a significant amount of investment in time and perseverance it is also recommended to become familiar with a new Fairbanks neighborhood.

Renting in Fairbanks is a great option, if you’re just starting out, you have the option to change cities or states with ease. There are many lease options offered out there to fit most Fairbanks renter’s needs. Compared to buying a home too soon, it’s a smart move. You can test out Fairbanks neighborhoods and small communities to see if it fits your lifestyle. Not to mention that with Fairbanks apartment living and the benefits of enjoying amenities like a pool, gym, on-site laundry services and no yard maintenance. The manager of any Fairbanks apartment complex is usually on-site, so if there’s any issue or emergency, it can be handled quick.

One of the things to consider when renting Fairbanks homes or an apartment is the amount of security deposit that needs to be paid. There could also be an upfront fee, for background checks etc. The security deposit for the Fairbanks home ( if there is one) total cost may vary, and this normally is required to be paid in advance, for any Fairbanks property, before moving in to the home. Budgeting for these amounts is an important step in securing a property.

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Fairbanks, Alaska, residential housing Two Rivers (Fairbanks North Star), Buckland (Northwest Arctic), Dutch Harbor (Aleutians West), Barrow (North Slope), Chicken (Southeast Fairbanks), Healy (Denali), Noatak, Galena (Yukon Koyukuk), Hughes

Type of community

  • Fairbanks Alaska
  • Fairbanks (AK) Single Family homes for rent
  • Single family rents are generally reasonably priced depending on the position and community type. Generally the more convenient the location is to shopping and schools and the more appealing.
  • Fairbanks (AK) Multi-Family homes for rent
  • MMultifamily unit can be described as accommodation designed to house separate families in one location and also includes duplexes and quadruplexes.
  • Fairbanks (AK) Corporate Housing rentals
  • Corporate housing for rent are typically temporary or short term arrangements, to cater for example, the executive, or project manager, who must remain out of town on a project.
  • Fairbanks (AK) Senior Housing to rent
  • Many types of care are available in different senior housing and accommodation options. Assistance may include assistance with daily living activities including bathing, dressing, walking, and eating.
  • Fairbanks (AK) Military Housing rentals
  • Military housing offers single or military families the option of living off base. Realtors and landlords are generally more than pleased help to rent to our troops and families.
  • Fairbanks (AK) Student Housing rentals
  • Undergraduates searching for housing close to campus will find various types of accommodation available.
  • Fairbanks (AK) Vacation Property for rent
  • Vacation rentals are fully furnished single family style homes including apartments and town houses rented for a designated period of time, normally on a nightly or weekly basis.
  • Fairbanks (AK) Timeshare to rent
  • Various types of timeshare rentals exist. Commonly an owner purchases a fractional ownership in a property such as condominiums. Timeshare accommodation is normally luxurious with many on site facilities.
  • Fairbanks (AK) Hotel / Motel Rooms for rent
  • Hotels vary in tariff and amenities. Long stay hotel accommodation normally caters for different types of clientele, including future homeowners in transition between buying and selling homes.
  • Fairbanks (AK) Home Swap rentals
  • Home swaps, or exchanges have become more popular as a form of luxury travel and vacationing. An alternative to hotels, participants simply live in each other's houses or condominiums etc.

Type of rental

  • Fairbanks (AK) Single family homes for rent
  • A Family home generally is a single dwelling that is detached, and surrounded by its own boundaries. Accommodation may be available from a small cottage to an executive estate.
  • Fairbanks (AK) Apartments for rent
  • Apartments are generally more affordable than purchasing a home, and for those with lower budgets, or as interim accommodation, for those who are looking to eventually purchase a home.
  • Fairbanks (AK) Town Homes for rent
  • The townhome is typically terraced or semi-detached and often with multiple floors with sometimes up to six or more units. Frequently found in densely built city and surrounding areas.
  • Fairbanks (AK) Condominiums to rent
  • Condominiums can be thought of as being in a building or complex, similar to apartments, but owned by individuals.
  • Fairbanks (AK) Lofts for rent / lease
  • Lofts, compared to traditional apartment's lack interior walls to divide the living space and separate rooms. Often finished with exposed brickwork, duct work, and bare floors made of concrete or wood.
  • Fairbanks (AK) Studio for rent / lease
  • Studio apartments generally require a compromise in living style with just a single room and separate bathroom. The kitchenette may be cabinets and sink along one wall.
  • Fairbanks (AK) Efficiency for rent
  • Efficiency apartments generally are just one open room and may have closets a separate kitchen and bathroom. Since the space is small storage may be an issue.
  • Fairbanks (AK) Rooms for rent
  • The accommodation typically has shared facilities including the kitchen and other communal areas in the home. Very often there is a private bathroom but this is not always the case.
  • Fairbanks (AK) Duplex for rent / lease
  • A duplex, which can be described as two combined dwelling units sitting on one lot, are typically used by two families under one roof.
  • Fairbanks (AK) Manufactured Homes for rent
  • Manufactured homes are prefabricated buildings, largely assembled in a factory and then transported to a site. Homes may be single or multi section and are finally completed at the site.

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Fairbanks apartment complexes include:

Wickersham Place, Turner St : Glacier Manor, Glacier Ave : Chancellor, 21st Ave : Anderson Apartments, Mary Ann St : Blevins, Dunkel St : Westwind, 16th Ave

Fairbanks Colleges:

College Floral, College Rd

Fairbanks Universities:

University Park Elem, Loftus Rd : University Plaza, University Ave